One thought on “Hornemann’s Redpoll

  1. Matt Young

    Hi Martin,

    Very large redpoll invasion here in the States now. On Sunday I had all 4 NA subspecies in my yard….sorry, did not get photos. Anyway, do almost all nominate hornemanni’s have this buffy wash to them or are these all young birds or perhaps adult females? One hornemanni on Sunday looks like this bird and many others I’ve seen in various publications. I also had an adult male and even that bird seemed to have the most subtle buffy wash on face too…..however it was much less than the other bird. Combing over the literature seems to present photos of hornemanni’s that almost always show this buffy wash….of course some have it more than others. I also showed Tom Schulenberg a rostrata at the Cornell Lab of O when I got to work last Friday. Redpolls are such fun.


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