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Seabirds and Discovery Days 

by Martin

Booking Now! These One Day Events with me and Yorkshire Coast Nature, coming soon.  To book just click here

Spurn Discovery Days

Wednesday 29th August 2012

Wednesday 5th September 2012

Saturday 22nd September 2012

‘Discovery Day’ is a catch all phrase for some very exciting birding. Migration will be in full swing at one of Britain’s premier visible migration spot, waders and seabirds in numbers and great variety and scare and rare bird hunting is fully on the cards. Anything can happen! All done in an environment of shared learning, discovery and the full enjoyment of every moments birding; trademarks of ‘Birding Frontier’ guided events.

Booking NOW! £42 per person. To book just click here


Seabird Masterclass Days

Saturday 1st September

Saturday 8th September

The perfect recipe. Just mix the mighty Flamborough Head on Yorkshire’s East Coast with dates in early September and the seabirds are on! Skuas, Shearwaters, Divers, auks and all the possibilities of the scarce and rare species. Learn loads and have plenty of fun.

Booking NOW! £42 per person To book just click here

Congratulations to Steve Race, fellow team member at Yorkshire Coast Nature. His photograph (below) of 2 Gannets with a ‘flower necklace’ was featured on television on BBC’s Look North and in and national BBC Nature last week. He is bloomin good!


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