juvenile Common Cuckoo

Grey-brown Morph

by Martin

Cuckoos put on an above-average showing this spring at Spurn. So no surprise to see this fine juvenile at the top of Beacon Lane last Monday. Did you know juveniles occur in 2 colour morphs. Grey-brown and more obvious rufous morph. This one being a bit more grey-brown than rufous I think?!

Amazing Cuckoo Migration- BTO. In case you haven’t seen these guys did a marvellous job on satellite tracking a group of Common Cuckoos. Wonder where this young one will go? Check this out:

Tracking Cuckoos to Africa… and back again

Oriental Cuckoo. Made me realise I wouldn’t have much of a clue on identifying a vagrant juvenile Oriental Cuckoo. One to explore further me thinks…

juvenile Common Cuckoo- grey-brown morph– Beacon Lane, Spurn, 16th July 2012. Photos taken in rain.

Emerald Damselfly

and this one was new for me. Saw male and female on Clubley’s Scrape last week. Here’s the daddy:

Male Emerald Damselfly, Clubley’s Scrape, Spurn 17th July 2012

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