8 thoughts on “Mystery Pratincole

  1. Pete Kinsella

    The reduced amount of red on the bill and the slit shaped nostril point towards Black-winged and possibly the general tone of the birds visible upperparts seem quite dark brown.Also the lores look rather extensively dark , extending to the forehead, so I`ll say Black-winged..if it is one then it`s giving better views than the one in Cheshire today!!

  2. Martin Garner

    Sorry chaps, it’s not a Black-winged. Really appreciate you having a go. Maybe even better (than B-winged),and I struggled with it too (and I saw it in real life!). More on it soon.

  3. Stephen Menzie

    Long dark line along the gape, dark forehead that doesn’t seem to contrast much with the dark lores. I’ll take a guess that this is the “new taxon for the WP” you were musing over and say Collared.

  4. Tony Davison

    Oriental based on not enough red at base of bill for Collard and too much for Black-winged. Also not enough black around lores & forehead and base of bill for Black-winged


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