Quiz birds: 4 Mystery Raptors

Eilat, late March 2012

Much to share on Arctic Norway and Israel. Perhaps do some alternate posts for a while. So for now a little quiz photo– just for fun.

Raptor migration is truly remarkable in southern Israel. I took this shot early one morning in the Eilat mountains. 4 species present flying close together.

What do you think they are?



11 thoughts on “Quiz birds: 4 Mystery Raptors

  1. Harry Hussey

    left to right: Black Kite, adult type Steppe Eagle (this is a “best guess” scenarion given the slight lack of clarity making a lot of features hard to evaluate), Marsh Harrier (hidden behind the eagle) and adult “Steppe Buzzard” (vulpinus).

  2. Sacha Barbato

    Black Kite, Steppe Buzzard and Booted Eagle in background… As for the big Aquila, I am never any good at those.. Steppe Eagle?


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