Arctic Norway Begins

Tomorrow actually!

Sharon and I arrive with guests and friends for a couple of days in the Taiga forest before heading north to Varanger and the Gullfest 2012. There has been plenty of interest in this event. If you were disappointed not to make it this spring- we hope to pave the path to make this a regular and very special event in the birding calendar. It’s only just beginning.

I wonder if we will end up looking this?And HOW is he wearing fingerless gloves?!

Tormod Amundsen: Varanger’s visionary birder and architect

Varanger: dream destination

Blue Fulmar Pelagic. Remember this from last May (that’s me sat down and waving). A new Western Palearctic experience. Wonder if Mrs G will be joining me if we go again?

This young Gyr Falcon is currently hunting the cliffs of auk island

Hawk Owl, and there is very good chance of seeing one or more of these!

King Eiders in these kind of numbers- a unique opportunity to see these and other exquisite sea ducks.

Maybe we will just about jam in on some of this- aurora borealis

and the gulls- just wait and see!!

2 thoughts on “Arctic Norway Begins

  1. Laurie Allan

    Crikey – Eilat to Varanger, what a contrast! Look forward to postings of both. I have’nt had a subspecies-induced headache for ages…….

    ATB and good birding –

    Laurie –


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