dark juvenile Thayer’s Gull

In Lincolnshire, Britain

V. nice morning outing with Roy (Orbison) Twigg, Mark Reeder and Ray the Voice. Arrived at just the right moment to drop onto good views of a stunning looking, rather dark juvenile Thayer’s Gull. As we were leaving a little later it appeared even closer giving excellent ‘scope filling and fine flight views. I heard the word ‘classic’ banded around a little. I think dark end of the spectrum is probably more accurate. Certainly is stunning but maybe in the darker 20% or even less of Thayer’s Gulls in this plumage. Just looks more striking than paler birds.





If you want a bit more on recent Thayer’s types in Britain and Ireland. Fill yer boots:

juveniles from breeding grounds

juvenile nr Enniskillen, N. Ireland

a juvenile Thayer’s-like bird in co. Clare

a juvenile Thayer’s in co. Galway here and here

an adult in Essex, UK

2 thoughts on “dark juvenile Thayer’s Gull

  1. Martin Garner

    hi Jan

    Thanks for this. I have already responded to Kent following an email from him. In it I said I felt the bird was not a Thayer’s Gull on what I could see (and on quick gut reaction) and I felt his first assessment was probably right: some kind of ‘Viking Gull’. However, I see that since then there have been some strong arguments in favour of Thayer’s though I still think there are problems with with jizz/structure and plumage that cause me to struggle with the idea of it definitely being a Thayer’s.



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