10 thoughts on “Quiz Bird from 2011

  1. Sacha Barbato

    I would say Marsh despite the long (Reed like) bill. Legs and bill colour look OK for Marsh to me. Just can’t see the primary projection in the shot.

  2. Richard Thewlis

    Acrocephalus; I reckon Marsh Warbler, yellowish feet and white claws. It’d be good to see the primary extension (and hear it call). Yes, the bill looks really long and not broad enough at the base, but maybe it’s just the angle?
    Top website Martin!

  3. Finnish birder

    Looks 1w Acro (fresh plumage, no greyish colour on the upperparts and not any sign on moult)…> Against 1w Reed Warbler: too pale supercium; no clear eye ring (usually palest part of head in scirpaceus); too pale and short looking claws, >>Agains 1w Blyth’s Reed Warbler: no visible emarginations; all pale lower mandible; maybe slightly short bill, too colourful underpart …>>> so I’d favor 1w Marsh Warbler

  4. blogbirderDalton

    Long Utcs and other features lead me to unstreaked ‘Acro’. Long bill, open faced appearance seem to support Reed, but then there in no dark tip to lower mandible, the super flares before the eye as in Blyth’s Reed/Marsh. Pale feet, cold tones would seem to support Marsh Warbler. It just gives me a Reed feel nonetheless, is tere a hint of a short PP and a lack of contrast in the uppperwinf feathers. My shout=Reed Warbler (fuscus)


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