Slimbridge’s orange-billed Russian White-fronted Geese

Makes me wonder…

Having never seen or heard of Russian White-fronted Geese (‘albifrons’) with orange bills before it has made me wonder. Are all records of Greenland White-fronted Geese correctly identified? In some British Counties, Greenland White-fronts are decidedly rare. It will need more than an orange bill on a White-fronted Goose to convince me from now on!

Same in Sussex

David Cooper  encountered the same orange-billed phenomenon in Sussex in January 2010. See here On the interesting goose theme he also had a pink-billed Greylag Goose last month (Dec. 2011)

Back to Slimbridge

Here thanks to Slimbridge warden, James Lees a very nice set of photos of the family party from last October. 2 adults and 4 juveniles which arrived at Slimbridge WWT on 14th October 2011. Notice the 2 orange-billed juvenile albifrons. The 2nd winter Lesser Scaup photos are also by James Lees.

Family party of Russian White-fronted Geese, Slimbridge WWT Gloucester, 14th October 2011. © James Lees. 2 adults, 2 normal pink-billed juveniles and 2 orange-billed juveniles

Still at Slimbridge now and worth a look if you are visiting.

and the returning Lesser Scaup:

all photos above ©  James Lees. Short bit of video by MG.

Garner the Bewick’s Swan

Not returned to Slimbridge yet. For photos of what he looked like last year, see here.

and here’s his card- part of the amazing work at Slimbridge WWT. He has lovely grey eyes in case you see him somewhere else.


2 thoughts on “Slimbridge’s orange-billed Russian White-fronted Geese

  1. Jeremy Squire

    Hi Martin.

    Looking at the bill shape (particularly on the second picture), is there not a dose of Bean Goose in these birds?

    What do you make of the Eastern Greylags that James Lees is reporting? I’m down for the Bristol Rovers match at the weekend so I will drop in.



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