The Linosa Interview


It’s the lettering on the really beautiful T-shirts. M.I.S.C. Roughly transliterated: a Malady (sickness) for Isolated Islands at the Chronic stage. Love it! Embossed with a Red-flanked Bluetail  (2 found so far on Linosa) and Yellow-browed Warbler (c16 while we were there?) and an optimistic male Siberian Rubythroat on the right shoulder (maybe next year!). We sat around the (Italian) dinner tale and chatted about how it all began and the inspiring story of this little birders paradise called Linosa.

So make a nice hot drink and sit down for half an hour and have a listen. You’ll enjoy it I think. Click on this link:

The MISC Team LINOSA Interview

(kindly hosted by Tristan Reid/ Binocularface)

M.I.S.C. plus blow-in. left to right: M.G., Michele Viganò, Andrea Corso, Lucio Maniscalco, Ottavio Janni and Igor Maiorano. Flippin sharp Italian birders, great cooks and excellent company too!


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  1. Harry Hussey

    Got it working on Internet Explorer.
    Andrea, 14 in 1992? Shame on you, man, rounding things down so as to seem younger… 😉


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