Answer to Mystery Shrike

1st winter Lesser Grey Shrike

But with strangely clipped wing tips. It does look odd doesn’t it?The normally strikingly long primaries are replaced by short truncated ones. What’s going on?

Chris Gibbins sent the pics taken in mid September this year in Azerbaijan. How strange. Looks like the primary tips have been neatly clipped off. Chris says it was the same on both wings. No surprise then that guesses included both Lesser Grey but other species too. No shame! Primary projection won’t always give you the right answer.

All pics copyright Chris Gibbins. Thanks buddy!




2 thoughts on “Answer to Mystery Shrike

  1. john martin

    Hi Martin Has this bird been a pet? The clipped wings look rather symmetrical and the bill looks worn or clipped too. John Martin

  2. Graham Etherington

    I was going to suggest the same thing as John. During a trip to China I found a family who had a Brown Shrike as a ‘pet’. They’d clipped the wings and had it on a string, feeding it scraps from their meals. Poor thing was in a right state.


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