Very British Twitchers

Where, When and What?

As early September always feels like the start of the very best season of the year for migration, for rare birds and for twitchers this old photo seems timely. For the few who might know any guesses on the where it was taken, when it was taken and what was the bird? (Also for the social networkers- anyone you recognize?)

and check out that brass drawtube ‘scope! 

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9 thoughts on “Very British Twitchers

  1. seymouraves

    Hi- I can see Peter Grant’s Optolyth ( 30×75 ?) behind my old mate Neil. A Kowa TS1, a Opticron Piccolo, possibly a swift telemaster extreme left and a couple of Nickel Supras.



  2. ian

    ^^^ what he said forsters tern. this was featured on a cool documentary about bill oddie & the midlands res’s, with, ahem, julian pettifer, about one hundred years ago. i still have the video tape lol… was hugely inspirational at the time

  3. Tim Allwood

    It was in Bill Oddie’s first book which is where I presume people recognise it from. I think I know the bloke with the Nickel Supra and nice addidas trainers at the front (dodgy socks though…) That has to be a Broadhurst Clarkson drawtube in the foreground. Can I also see a Bushnell Discoverer in the distance?

  4. Martin Garner

    Not easily fooled. Falmouth, Forster’s Tern, 1980 is correct.
    Roy Twigg (who I think is on the photos somewhere) pressed this and some other dodgy looking photos into my hand earlier this year. Some will remember looking through a Hertel and Reuss Tela vari- it was the ‘scope to have! Be interesting to have a line-up and compare with top scopes of today eh?

  5. Laurie Allan

    I was going to say ‘late 70’s’ looking at the clothing, a few televari’s as i had one myself and the first of the Optolyth 30×80’s which were to become ‘de riguer’ on the Scillies during the 80’s – i had moved onto a Kowa angled scope by then, which i still use!, along with a Bushnell Spacemaster which somebody has recently given me and is taken abroad as it fits in nicely with a monopod and my Ryanair baggage allowance…….Still need Forsters tho’ – don’t recognise anybody per se but the bloke with the bald head lying down rings a bell…..

  6. Chris Harbard

    Phil Round is in foreground with draw-tube scope; Tim Stowe is behind him with spotting scope; Gwyn Williams (RSPB) and Pete Fraser also in the front group – I also see Mick Turton in the distance, and Lee Evans with the white trousers. Nigel Redman and I were just to the left, out of shot. I was using a Nickel Supra then.


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