Birding Frontiers 50 Special Memory Sticks

Happy 1st Birthday!

The Birding Frontier blog is one year old in August. Just over 300 posts and nearly 1/4 million hits later! To celebrate I have put to together a special memory stick (USB Flashcard) and packed it with over 20 articles. This includes:

1) The Top 10 postings in most cases updated with new info and photos on hot birding topics like Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Marsh Hawks and autumn Collared Flycatchers

2) Pioneering ID articles not published on the blog on e.g. Taiga Flycatcher, American Sandwich Tern and female Pine Bunting.

3) Potential Vagrants like Short-tailed Shearwater and African Cormorants with updated files/ new photos

4) Some surprises!

It has the Birding Frontiers Marsh Hawk logo in colour on the outside and extra space which could be used to collect another c 40 of your favourite blog posts over the next few months! Price £10.00

I am having 50 made for the Rutland Bird Fair. If your interested you can reserve one just by putting your name down. Send me a message here or message me on Facebook or Twitter. First come first served.

Here’s the guts of the content:

  • Eastern Yellow Wagtail ID with updates inc. other plumages than ‘grey and white’
  • Marsh Hawk/ Northern Harrier.  Papers on ID inc. illustrations, photos, lots info on ID, aging and sexing
  • Collared Flycatcher 1st winter females DNA and everything!
  • Cabot’s (American Sandwich) Tern full ID paper
  • Steppe Shrike ssp. homeyeri. full overview of ID stuff
  • Rufous and Oriental Turtle Doves ID, tricky birds, tail patterns on worked examples
  • Redpolls : Mealy, Arctic, Giant Arctic!, Greenland and Icelandic Redpolls (latter 2 with photos of English records)
  • Taiga Flycatcher. Full account of finding Fetlar bird and all the ID issues
  • Canada Geese simple and accessible overviews of taxonomy and issues
  • Pine Bunting are we overlooking females?- ID etc
  • How to ID a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull
  • Northern Eider ID and occurrence
  • African Cormorants in NW Europe – new comments and photos
  • American Red-necked Grebe draft comments on ID and occurrence
  • Short-tailed Shearwater ID versus Sooty Shearwater and N. Atlantic occurrence
  • Northern Bullfinch full ID article
  • Female Green-winged Teal  ID inc. colour illustration

Each file is a pdf which has  been updated variously with new comment or information/ photos/ illustration (sometime 2  or 3 posts with key data combined to be more easily read).

P.S. if there is something from the blog or elsewhere you think should be included, let me know …very soon!

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