7 thoughts on “Juvenile Gull ID

  1. Jan Jörgensen (JanJ)

    European origin over N. American I woild say – not well enought pattern for smithsonianus on the undertail coverts and with less uniform lower neck and underparts. Tail seems to have a broad dark band – not a wholy dark one. One should of course be aware of the huge variation in smithsonianus (not fully understood yet) and of course LBBG, HG
    Due to long-winged impression – LBBG could seem to be good fit. However, althought some juv LBBG can show similar ‘Herring’ patterned tertials (http://cyberbirding.uib.no/gull/fusjuvb.php) and paler inner primaries (inner web) they seem to be a little bit on the pale side for LBBG indeed. Further more, the unmarked axillaries and underwing coverts, creating a pale underwing, seems odd, and would also be for argentatus/argenteus & smithsonianus as well.
    Newertheless, a Herring would work for me. (not considering michahellis for this one)




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