Osprey and Swee-Chaff

Rutland 26 July

How times have changes (as they say). Day out with Mrs G and Don Egan. We had a Red Kite being mobbed just north of Rutland and good views of 2 or 3 Osprey. Osprey and Red Kite in middle England. When I remember how far we had to travel to see both species on breeding grounds (W Wales and N Scotland)…. We saw 2 Osprey together overhead and later from one of the hides one, hovered, dived and came up with this rather long looking fish. It must be almost as long as the body length of the Osprey. A pike? or monster long Trout?

 Walking around I heard at least 3 ‘swee-oo’ calling Chiffchaffs. To my ear this adult seemed to just call a more monosyllabic ‘swee’ but its clearly disyllabic on the sonagram. For me at least recording sonagrams remains essential to accurate portrayal of what is being recorded. Same bird later gave normal Chiffchaff song.

I use RememBird because its so small light and does a good job! From these Chiffs to the alternating trills of the this Western Bonelli’s Warbler it serves me well.

swee-oo calling adult Chiffchaff. Rutland. 27th July 2011, Here’s a sonagram of the call:


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  1. Jim Clarke

    Hiya Martin, while surveying Wyming Brook and Fox Hagg (South Yorkshire), this year the ‘swee-oo’ call has been the standard Chiffchaff call. So much so that the ‘hueet’ call started to become unfamiliar and when heard checked to make sure they weren’t abbreviated calls made by Willow Warblers.


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