Continental Black-tailed Godwit

Limosa limosa limosa

The nominate form of the Black-tailed Godwit is very hard to see in Britain. It does breed in small numbers. But apart from a few each late summer in North Norfolk and Suffolk its a very hard bird to see. It’s probably also not looked for much- anywhere! So I had a superb personal live tutorial courtesy of Messrs Millington and Golley last Sunday (10th July). We saw 2 Continental Black-tailed Godwit– a very grey bird with obvious yellow flags and rings on its legs and this moulting adult male at Titchwell (which I would not have picked up but have learnt a lot about in the process of watching it). I can see features on these (my poor) photos which I would not have known to look for before. I learnt loads, thanks guys!

One thought on “Continental Black-tailed Godwit

  1. Edmund Mackrill

    Limosa limosa limosa turns up with some regularity at Gib Pt , Lincs. Usually end June/early July. They really stand out, sometimes as a small group, when islandica is present. Some of us have known how to ID them for years but there are those who will always ‘reinvent sealing wax’!!
    Edmund Mackrill


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