Thanks a 1/4 million (nearly)


Been meaning to say this after we passed 200,000 views earlier in the month. The Birding Frontiers blog has been going just over 10 months and we are on the way to 1/4 million views. Guess we will hit it soon after our first anniversary. After a somewhat admittedly nervous start- who’d have thought!

So thanks very much indeed for the interest, support and encouraging comments, especially to  everyone who has contributed. I am not great at lots of things ‘internet’ so if you see areas you like to see improved etc. Let me know. Comments on posts and feedback are always welcome.

To Celebrate:

A couple of original field sketches from Norfolk -based artist,  James McCallum.

One of the higlights of my spring was visiting Varanger, Norway. On my last day I watched James sketching  Steller’s Eider in Vadsø harbour. 2 male and a female Bar-tailed Godwit were new -in on the shoreline in front of me. I wonder if they were these birds…

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