Eyed Hawk-moth

Big, Fat and Beautiful

Saturday 18 June, Spurn. Not in a moth trap but emerged from pupa stage in long grass. Its body was particularly fat. Is this a female then, similar to the different body shapes of the different sexes of Poplar Hawk Moths? Oh- and how do you spell Hawkmoth/ Hawk Moth/ Hawk-moth?

Earlier in the day in normal rest posture: Stealth Bomber mode!

6 thoughts on “Eyed Hawk-moth

  1. andy roadhouse

    Surely they are hawk-moths, so it would be called an Eyed Hawk-moth? that is way we call stuff at Spurn and not like the rspb lot!

  2. Tony Davison

    Hi Martin
    In the Log Book of British Lepidoptera and the latest edition of Moths of the British Isles by Bernard Skinner the Sphingidae are listed as Hawk-moth. Yet in THE Field Guide – Lewington et al – they are listed as Hawkmoth. So who knows which is correct – personally I go with Hawkmoth

  3. Moth Woman

    I’ve looked them up a bit and they#re called Eyed Hawk-Moths but I think you can variate that a lot.
    Today a friend brought a chrysalis to me, and after a ton of research I found it was an Eyed Hawk-Moth! HAPPY!! They’re beautiful and I can’t wait until it hatches. Anyone know how long they spend in the chrysalis?


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