Lesser Whitethroat

In the hedge and in the hand

Lesser Whitethroat are intriguing. I can still remember finding (well at first hearing) my first ‘rattling’ Lesser Whitethroat in north Cheshire a very long time ago (about aged 12). With the growing interest in the ‘eastern taxa’ as well, I think we probably overlook some returning eastern birds in spring of the halimodendri/ minula type. But they are enjoyable without that incentive for rare hunting too! This one was probably the bird I could hear from my Caravan as it sang on Beacon Lane. The other, a bird trapped at the Warren enabled us to see the very dark pigmented (western) outer tail feather.

2 thoughts on “Lesser Whitethroat

  1. Dave Bowes

    Hi Martin, the Lesser Whitethroat shown is a 5, ie hatched last year. The outer tail pattern is classic.


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