Garganey sunrise

April 25th, last day of the Easter break,

and not a bad one at all. Sunrise at the Warren was beautiful. 2 Roe Deer could be seen racing out on the mud of the Humber- a buck with half-grown horns chasing the doe below. A single Velvet Scoter was all that remained of the previous day’s 7 birds. A Little Egret ‘blogged about’ before heading south, Tree Pipit, Fieldfare, Yellow Wagtails and Brambling called overhead and my first Turtle Dove of the year almost escaped detection. Bird of the day however went to a pair of Garganey that began hidden in the reeds of Canal Scrape but eventually came right out in to the open. The best shots below (2 and 3 of the Garganey) belong to John Hewitt.

Sunrise at the Warren. Spurn. April 2011. 2 sunspots were visible (I think) just below the mid-point.

Doe Roe somewhat exhausted by the attentions of amorous Buck.

Below, Garganey, initially part-hidden, eventually in full view.

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