Greenland Wheatears

Earliest ever?

Managed a fun flight shot this afternoon. See how much dark is in the tail.

Following a couple of apparent Greenland Wheatear seen by Pete Brown on Totley Moss 2 days ago, I was curious. Best place in Sheffield for migrant Greenland Wheatears- Kirk Edge. Up there early this morning got me 120 Fieldfare, 320 Golden Plover and about 6 Wheatear. The Wheatear were in the right pace for migrants. 4 in one field looked bang on for Greenland, but they were distant and often against the light. I left feeling they might well be, but wanted closer views to be sure. It was (after all) only early April. Twiggy rang to say Mark Reeder had found a couple of Greenland types at Orgreave. Down at lunch time, a full 5 birds, 3 males (at least one adult and one first summer male) and 2 females. Yes surely Greenland Wheatears. A bird that undertakes on of the world’s great migratory feats– crossing an Ocean in order to breed!


But why are they sooooo early.Indeed they are certainly the earlier than any I have ever seen. Maybe the earliest ever in Sheffield. What’s going on?

I got some photos but Mr Reeder did a much better job so I pinched his (below). At Orgreave today:

One thought on “Greenland Wheatears

  1. Steve Emery

    Firstly great blog! Been following for a few months now and especially like the gull I’d conundrums.

    Secondly found a Greenland type on my local patch yesterday (08/04) along the severn river. A nice male with another four Northerns. Also read that Portland Bills been getting them through earlier this year. Amazing that you got four in one group though congrats!



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