What predictions will come true?

Having ‘bigged-up’ the likely occurrence of Slaty-backed Gull and Stejneger’s Scoter at previous talks this winter, I think I will be making notes on myself! Come along if you are free…

Lincolnshire Bird Club AGM:…….2…………..9229th March 2011

more: http://www.lincsbirdclub.co.uk/Articles/agm_2011.htm

Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club:……. 31st March 2011

“There are only 150 tickets available and will be sold on a first come-first served basis.”

morehttp://www.ntbc.org.uk/indoor%20meetings.html (scroll down)

Wigg Island CP, North Cheshire/ CAWOS……..5th April 2011

Places free but numbers limited– call Bill Morton- 01928 563 803

“Talks given by Martin are much more than a clear, enjoyable and interesting presentation on a (bird ID) subject. As I witnessed on the Dutch Birding Day in 2008, he has the gift to entertain his audience from the first second in a way that will help you remember the message for years. To everyone who has the opportunity to attend a presentation by Martin I would say: GO!”

Nils van Duivendijk, author: Advanced Bird ID Guide

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