another juv. Thayer’s in Ireland?

Liscannor, Co Clare

John Murphy sent these distant shots of a juvenile Thayer’s type Gull at Liscannor, Co Clare taken on 1st February 2011. It’s on the other side of Galway Bay from the bird at Rosseveal, Co. Galway.  It was only seen on the one occasion.

Looks basically like a Thayer’s Gull to me. Tail little odd-looking (dark and looking more ‘distinct band’ than some). The dark band does ‘bleed’ into the white of rest of the tail. I am hyper aware of the danger of misread information due to photo artifacts on poor blurry images, so these are my impression but they could change with much better pics! So is it the same bird at Rossaveal, something else, or are there 2 juv Thayer’s in Galway Bay? Only better photos especially of the first could establish that unequivocally.

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