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Slimbridge Ducks, Geese and Swans

At Slimbridge  (Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust) yesterday. Had an ace day thanks to James Lees, reserve warden. Bumper year there for Russian White-fronted Geese, we saw over 600 birds, 37% of which first winters. James picked out a  Tundra Bean Goose (ssp. rossicus)– excellent.  Joined then by senior warden Martin McGill, Simon Mackie and 2 ‘bird racers from BBC Bristol- Mike Dilger (off the telly- The BBC’s  ‘One Show’ as well as Springwatch and Autumnwatch) and Ed Drewitt.

Also had new-in 2nd winter (yearling) Bewick’s Swan named ‘Garner’, close couple of young male Greater Scaup, learnt more about wild goose calls and lot more which I will blog about when I get chance! (I have mystery duck seen yesterday which I will post as New Year’s day Quiz– in case any one bored!)

For now the newly arrived Tundra Bean Goose and our little birding crew:

Adult Tundra Bean Goose. Slimbridge WWT 30 Dec 2010 James Lees. Rather short deep-based bill with an obvious forehead. The white fringed tertials were an easy ‘pick-out- of- the- flock feature’.

In comparison:

Taiga Bean Goose ssp. fabalis. This old adult has been in the Slimbridge collection a long time. Always a little wary of the purity of collection birds, this one nevertheless appears to have  the longer, slimmer looking bill with little more orange that marks out a Western Taiga Bean.

Dilger knicks my ‘scope to see the adult Pink-footed Geese- one of 2 wild Pink-feet in the area.

Left to right Martin McGill, Ed Drewitt, Mike Dilger, James Lees and MG. Photo kindly taken by Simon Mackie. Thanks guys- lots of fun!

Happy New Year -here’s to 2011!!

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