The Call of the Devon flava Wagtail

Looks good for Eastern

Steve Waite sent me a recording of the call of the grey and white flava Wagtail currently in Devon.

Here’s a recording of the call: <Click Here>

Here’s a section of  the sonagram:

Sonagram from Devon grey and white flava. December 14th 2010. Steve Waite

Other examples of sonagrams including plexa can be found here:

Here’s my comment FWIW.


Thanks very much for this. I have had a quick listen and put it on a sonagram- though I am not an expert, so please bear in mind.

I think the sound and the shape matches close to both plexa from Yamal, plexa from Kazakhstan, tschutschensis from east Siberia, but does not look the same as feldegg or one recording I have seen of tschutschensis from Alaska

So yes it seems to fit into eastern and certainly doesn’t seem to be a straightforward ‘sweet’ N.W. taxon . The latter can show some modulation  so care needed.  But for me on first look  it’s not as striking as say feldegg which is the most raspy (and makes a very obvious and different sonagram signature) , but does look like the right shape for Eastern.

The main thing you can see in the sonagram is what looks like obvious modulations (which is how raspiness is recorded on paper)

Nice one!


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