Waxwing Show-off’s

On the School Run

Last couple of mornings have enjoyed between 70- 90 Waxwings on the school run (Crookes, Sheffield). Just dropping Abi off, we have to walk the last part. Shame! Eating snow from house roofs, aerial berry picking and  generally looking superb.

All photos, 9 December 2010. Waxwings, Crookes

One thought on “Waxwing Show-off’s

  1. Calum Scott

    Nice! Despite large numbers heading south as the winter progress there are still lots up here in and around the Edinburgh area as I had 150 greet me on arriving home from work this afternoon, I also saw 200+ in East Lothian on Saturday, with small flocks still being encountered throughout the city, one can only guess at the numbers involved this year.


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