Eagle Owl

Wild Thing!

Good day at Spurn which included a full set of scarce winter beach passerines. More on those to come. For now THIS:

Eagle Owl. This mighty beast was found as fresh road kill near Hull exactly 2 weeks ago. (on the A63 near the Humber bridge). I don’t know if its wild or not – or even if it’s a European bird or not. It has no rings.

Speculate is somewhat inevitable though, while we wait for more information on the bird! Have a look at what else was occurring on the east coast-  especially birds from a Scandinavian origin in mid October 2010 – notably 4 Rough-legged Buzzards at Spurn over the same weekend.

Perhaps this one will be found to have been an escaped falconer’s bird – or maybe not.

The status of the Eagle Owl in Britain is already a highly contentious issue, . Be interesting to see what this unexpected  individual contributes to the debate (with thanks to Andy Gibson).

Chris Batty sent me an apposite email last night (friday) – will check some bios on the bird hopefully today and report results here later

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