Britain’s Best Barred Warbler Spot?

How they normally appear (or not) in the field

This is presumably Barred Warbler no. 3 (from yesterday), having moved from hedges just along the canal zone, into the sheltered vegetation at Kew (Spurn) this morning. A very early Firecrest called nearby and a fascinating (and slightly controversial) Harrier flew through (more on that later).

Here’s the Firecrest which had been trapped before I saw it. Photo: Ian (pin-sharp) Smith.

After last night in-hand Barred Warbler this one only appeared occasionally giving more ‘normal’ views.

Big warbler in  bush – beady eye, bit of a peaked crown maybe a suggestion of a supercilium.

Hey – pale fringes to wing coverts and tertials

Look at those undertail coverts!

At last, with patience, a decent view (though not always!)

Got this shot today from Ian Smith of the first bird at Canal Scrape– photo of same bird in flight here:

Vincent van der Spek sent me these to add to the Barred Warbler collection, trapped 31st August 2010 at Meijendel (near the Hague), the Netherlands:

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