Bush Birds

After all these years, the classic ‘drift migrants’ still give me great delight. Plenty of them seen at Spurn today. I was not disappointed with my search of the ‘wire dump’ area this morning. The autumn Bush Birds were there. Pied Flycatcher, Whinchat and Guillemot. Later on Redstart and Garden Warbler completed the set. Saw possibly a second (new) Barred Warbler in flight a couple of times at the Warren.

OK. Guillemot was a surprise addition to the Bush Bird list today. I found a Pied Flycatcher bearing a metal ring. The possibility of this being a foreign ringed bird was enough to motivate Spurn’s ‘son’ Barry Spence to rough cut an old ringing ride through elder and buckthorn and set up a mist net. Leaving a tape of Pied Flycatcher running he returned shortly after to find a  Guillemot walking along the net ride. That’s the story of how a Guillemot became a Bush bird for a day!

This Whinchat kept company with the Pied Flycatcher below, 2 Whitethroat and a Guillemot.

This Pied Flycatcher was the start of the saga. Though with the appearance of  ‘Guilly’ he was never seen again. (It had very black wings and tail- so I think it was a ‘he’).

This is the only photo not taken today. A 1st winter male Redstart being a classic ‘jewel in a bush’ for migration watchers. Sept 2009, Spurn. Several around today.

The “I can be anything you want” warbler. I will trick you until you see me well. Barred Warbler or Booted Warbler. Whatever you need – I am never ‘just’ a Garden Warbler

1st winter Guillemot – barely full-grown wings. Found along a net ride, this morning which was set for the ringed Pied Flycatcher.

Andy Roadhouse has a quick fatherly chat with Guilly about not going in trees and bushes any more. Then pointing him to the sea, sets him free!

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