Yellow-legged and Caspian Gulls


nice annotated photo (by Julian Hough) of moulting adult Semiplamated Sandpiper in USA added plus interesting comments at the bottom :

More on interesting juvenile gulls

Out early this morning and pleased to see the juvenile Yellow-legged Gull fly in at 7:00 am at Orgreave, Sheffield. Light poor and some drizzle -so photos not great!

Also below Chris Batty’s shots of the juvenile Caspian Gull in Lancashire– perhaps the first of this plumage in the Northwest of England.

Below a series of educational shots from Chris Batty – a busy family man who only ever goes birding just before it goes dark -says he (insert smiley emoticon here if you are on Birdforum!) – hence the grainy videograbs!’

Top 2 photos – juvenile Caspian Gull, Lancashire, followed by another juvenile Yellow-Legged Gull recently present in Lancashire and (lastly) a first summer Yellow-legged Gull that stood next to the juvenile Caspian- can’t believe there aren’t more of these suckers out there to be found. How about YOUR local patch?

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